What Our Clients Are Saying…

pollock“The Documentary not only allowed us to present the plaintiff’s theory on liability, but also demonstrated firsthand the hard realities of life that the plaintiff and his family must now face as a result of his profound and permanent brain injury,” said Pollock. “Through the use of a Documentary, the defendants and their representatives were able to view and hear this information firsthand through: videotaped deposition excerpts, interviews with healthcare providers, experts, and witnesses; and the heart wrenching testimonials of family members and friends in a manner that could not be conveyed through a traditional mediation memorandum,” he said.

“The team at Evidence Video was outstanding and professional,” he said.“Their expertise and coordination of filming, editing, and post production work made this complicated process very straightforward resulting in a Documentary that truly told the tragic story of the plaintiff and his family.”

-Attorney Bradley Pollock of Walsh, Knippen, Pollock & Cetina Chtd.

tim-500x333“Both videos had a dramatic impact on the insurance companies involved. We were directly told so by the defense counsel. As a result we were able to resolve the case at mediation,” said Mahoney. “The biggest impact was showing the change in my client’s life from before the accident to after the accident, and the impact on his family,” he added. “They will paint the true picture of the changes in his life,” he said.

“The Day in the Life shows the change in his day to day activities, whereas the Documentary shows the change in his overall life,” Mahoney said. “The Documentary also shows the impact of the accident to everyone around,” he added.

“Many times in evaluating a loss we look at economic loss; what a person could have made versus what they’re making after the accident. With an elder person this can be hard to do. So what Evidence Video does is helps you quantify those losses by showing the emotional, physical and psychological impact to the victim and their families,” Mahoney said. “Both the Documentary and Day in the Life Videos will greatly assist you in your case prior to trial.”

-Attorney Tim Mahoney of Mahoney & Hauser

kathryn-conway-large“Gera-Lind is one of a kind. Her breadth of experience is a true asset to any attorney working with her. Recently, Gera-Lind and her team created a Day in the Life video for one of my cases involving a minor plaintiff. Per Gera-Lind’s suggestion, she captured several shots from therapy, and had great side-by-side comparisons of the plaintiff and her younger siblings performing the same tasks, which helped the jury to appreciate the true extent of her disability. Thank you, Gera-Lind, for helping to bring about justice for our client.

-Attorney Kathryn L. Conway of Powers Rogers & Smith, LLP

salvi“Gera-Lind and her team at Evidence Video always do a terrific job capturing the day to day struggles of our personal injury clients and the devastating loss for loved ones in wrongful death litigation,” said Salvi. “Their work product is outstanding in both a Day in the Life format as well as a Documentary style presentation used for just settlement purposes,” he added.  “I wouldn’t present a big case without Evidence Video either at mediation or trial.”

-Attorney Patrick Salvi of Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard

catherine“Evidence Video did a phenomenal job helping me with my case,” said Catherine Cardenas. “Their expertise and experience helped me establish all the facts I needed for my case. We had been told by teachers that Carlos can read and does understand, but there are things that are best shown with video,” she said. “The video was able to show that even though he is nonverbal, he could still press the green and red button to answer questions, and there is no way to show this other than video.”

At 7-years-old, the client was spastic, which makes it very difficult to provide safe, adequate help in various situations, such as bathing and feeding. Through the use of video, Evidence Video was able to demonstrate the difficulties that the client’s mother, who was pregnant at the time of the video, had to endure while taking care of her son.

“This was so powerful for the jury to see, a first-hand look on what the mother goes through every day,” said Cardenas.

“Gera-Lind’s experience was phenomenal. We were worried that the school was not going to allow us to videotape our client but Gera-Lind was able to make the necessary calls and provide the proper documents that helped us get in to see our client,” she said.

“As attorneys, we are not skilled in the area of video and how powerful of a tool it can be. That is why you need to bring in the experts of Evidence Video and they will take it all the way,” Cardenas said.

-Attorney Katherine Cárdenas of Lucas & Cárdenas