Moving Your Case Forward: Today’s Trend

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Due to the rapid evolution in technology and laws, plus pressure by state and federal courts to resolve cases, the need for Settlement/ Mediation videos has skyrocketed. In the past 5 years alone, the number of settlement videos produced by Evidence Video has nearly doubled. Insurance companies, hospitals, and many defendants are unwilling to pay without being presented a complete body of evidence, yet will settle as a result of viewing these documentaries.

A settlement video is a virtual microcosm of what the trial will be. It is a scripted, narrated story of chronological, factual information similar to a TV news documentary like 60 Minutes or 20/20. Running 20 to 30 minutes long, it is a cost-effective way to resolve cases and end years of litigation and court costs and helps establish the impact of injury, death, grief and suffering, and mental anguish. Interview footage of family, friends, coworkers, plus photos and home movies taken throughout the plaintiff’s life prior to injury or death, personalizes the plaintiff/decedent. It has a profound visual impact, lays out the case, and highlights the damages, economic and non-economic.

There are two forms of Settlement Videos, Wrongful Death and Living Plaintiff. In a Wrongful Death case, video establishes the impact of death, grief and suffering, and mental anguish: there is no question of liability, just the issue of damages awarded. A Living Plaintiff Video provides powerful and persuasive images demonstrating who the person was before and after the tragedy, the impact on the family, and the need for future care, personal, medical, and/or special equipment. Often when the Documentary is finished, the lawyer will send it with the settlement demand letter to the defense attorneys and to the insurance carriers to reinforce what they are asking for in damages, economic and non-economic.

Joe Balesteri of Power Rogers & Smith when using an Evidence Video stated: “it was the most powerful way to show the damages for our client. The video crew did interviews with the family members and teachers on who the 12 year old girl was before the medical malpractice incident left her brain damaged. Video helped outline her life as a cheerleader, role model, sister and daughter and how her future was unlimited. Using Day in the Life footage after the incident and updated video from a year passing, members were able to relate to the impact of the injury to her quality of life and the impact on her family who now served as caretakers.”

Settlement/Mediation videos have become one of the most effective tools in achieving extraordinary results and favorably resolving cases, call our office today and speak with Gera-Lind.

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