$47.5 Million Verdict: Attorneys Sal Indomenico Sal Indomenico & Associates, P.C.

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A Cook County jury awarded more than $47 million in a Medical Malpractice suit for post-op brain injury.

The plaintiff will recover $22.5 million because of a high-low agreement the lawyers entered into before the jury returned from deliberating.

The family sued Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, alleging nurses in the postanesthesia care unit did not follow a physician’s orders to monitor the son’s oxygen levels while he was being transported after undergoing a procedure in November 2014. The boy suffered anoxic brain damage during a two-minute trip from a post-surgery recovery to the pediatric floor of the hospital.

Here is what Sal Indomenico said about the help of a Day in the Life Video from Evidence Video as created and used in court:

“The video that was made by Evidence Video had a profound effect on the jury as well as the lawyers in the courtroom. It showed the full extent of this little boy’s current and future struggles so that the jury could effectively determine the validity and necessity of his future needs. It had an impact on the size of the verdict without emphasizing sympathy.”

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