$2,900,00 Settlement: Attorney Thomas Oddo Lillig & Thorsness Ltd.

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A 66 year old woman was traveling alone in her car when it collided with a second vehicle in Naperville. The case settled for 2,900,00 which consisted of the underlying policy limits, the full policy limits of two umbrella policys and a personal contribution from the at-fault driver. A video was used and this is what Thomas G. Oddo said:

“Gera-Lind and her team created an amazing video consisting of photos and video testimonials from her close family members and friends that brought the decedent to life for anyone who watched the video. You could not help admire and respect the decedent, even though you had never met her in person. The family testimonials showed the beautiful relationships she had with her husband, son, and grandchildren; and made you feel the terrible loss each one felt without her in their lives. When the mediator first met our clients at the settlement conference, she said, “I watched the video. I feel like I already know her and you.” Evidence Video treated the grieving family with nothing but respect and kindness throughout the very emotional and difficult interview process.”

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