Technology and the Law

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UPDATE: January 16, 2018, The City of Chicago and its insurer settled  for $115 million just four months after the jury awarded Tierney Darden a verdict of 148 million. The city argued the verdict was excessive but weighed all the factors before they and Darden’s Attorney Patrick Salvi reached the post verdict settlement of $115 million. This is still the largest state settlement in a personal injury case ever, but as one of Tierney’s attorneys said “This will help Tierney with all the medical care needed in the decades ahead.”


In today’s technological world, instant online media has revolutionized reporting and, thus, has a direct and meaningful impact in today’s Courtroom.

Viewing an Evidence Video “Day in the Life” of a victim changes the very dynamic of a case. Here are two cases with results and sample clips.

$148 Million Verdict:

Awarded to paralyzed Lake County woman after a bus shelter at O’Hare International Airport collapsed on her during a 2015 storm. Here’s a sample of the Day in the Life video:

$18.5 Million Verdict:

With the help of Evidence Video’s “Day in the Life” Tapes, the family of a newborn daughter was able to settle its federal lawsuit. Here’s a sample of that video:


Watch for our blog on Settlement and Progressive Videos in the weeks to come.

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