Over $340 Million Secured with the Help of Evidence Video

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In 2013 and 2014, the Chicago Lawyer magazine listed the major settlements reached by law firms in Illinois. Evidence Video was involved in over $340 million of these settlements reached by attorneys. Evidence Video played a key role creating Day in the Life Videos and Documentaries that were used to reinforce a case and build damages. Listed are a few of the cases that Evidence Video was involved in since 2013.


A $35 million settlement was reached by attorneys Joseph Power and Devon Bruce of Power, Rogers & Smith. The client, a seven-year-old boy, suffers from cognitive deficits, cortical blindness and spastic quadriplegia and requires 24-hours of care. Two hospitals were negligent in failing to provide the appropriate care.

Evidence Video was called in to do a Progressive Video on all aspects of his daily care. Combined videos from 2009 through 2011 emphasized the care that the child requires on a daily basis. These videos emphasized the care that he requires on a daily basis. In this case, Gera-Lind’s videos were instrumental in causing the defendants to pay $35 million right before jury selection, said Power.

Attorneys Tim Ashe and Kristina Green of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz secured a $20 million settlement for the case of a young child who suffered hypoxic ischemic brain damage due to failure to monitor the child in the post-anesthesia care unit following surgery. As a result of the negligence, the child now suffers from severe cognitive and physical impairments, including quadriplegia and limited vision. Evidence Video created a Progressive Video over the span of several months, capturing all aspects of his daily activities, ranging from life at home, to various therapy sessions. The video helped reinforce the need for 24-hour care.

A $18.6 million dollar settlement was reached by attorney Bradley Pollock, partner at Walsh, Knippen, Pollock & Cetina Chtd. The client, 43 year old Rocco Aliotto, the father of two, became brain damaged while doing masonry work when two worn-down bolts on the 20-year-old scissor-lift snapped sending him plummeting 15 feet to the concrete floor. He struck his head, causing bleeding and swelling to his brain. He is now confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak and requires 24-hour care. Evidence Video filmed a series of Day in the Life and Progressive Videos helping to reinforce damages.

Bradley Pollock, partner said, “This Documentary not only allowed us to present the plaintiff’s theory on liability, but also demonstrated first- hand the hard realities of life that the plaintiff and his family must now face as a result of his profound and permanent brain injury,” Pollock added that he believes the Documentary played a major role in obtaining such a large settlement. The team at Evidence Video was outstanding and professional, said Pollock.

A $17 million settlement was reached for a 19-month-old boy who suffered brain damage after going into cardiac arrest during surgery to remove a post-operative hematoma. The client was represented by Attorney Patrick Salvi of Salvi Schostok & Pritchard.

Evidence Video created a Day in the Life Video at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, videotaping his physical, occupational and speech therapies. Interviews were also conducted with his parents and photos of the boy in a healthy state were also used to create a Living Plaintiff Documentary to build damages. “Gera-Lind and her team at Evidence Video always do a terrific job capturing the day to day struggles of our personal injury clients and the devastating loss for loved ones in wrongful death litigation,” said Salvi. He added. “I wouldn’t present a big case without Evidence Video either at mediation or trial.”

An $11 million dollar settlement was reached by Attorney Tim Ashe of Kralovec, Jambois & Schwartz. The case involved a 28-year-old Illinois State Police officer who was killed when a semi-truck rear-ended his squad car. The truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Evidence Video created a Wrongful Death Documentary.

Catherine Cárdenas of Lucas & Cárdenas won a $5 million dollar settlement for a young client who was brain damaged. Evidence Video created a detailed Day in the Life Video that showed what life is like for the 7-year-old client and the difficulties his family faces while providing 24-hour care. The Day in the Life Video took place at home, at his school, and the venue- where he received physical, occupational and speech therapies. “Evidence Video did a phenomenal job helping me with my case,” said Catherine Cárdenas. “Their expertise and experience helped me establish all the facts I needed,” said Cárdenas.

An $8 million settlement was reached by attorney Tim Mahoney of Mahoney & Hauser. The client, a 53-year-old high school teacher and coach was in a month long coma and underwent 14 surgeries after his minivan was struck by a tractor- trailer that lost control near Rock City.

Evidence Video produced a Day in the Life Video and a Living Plaintiff Documentary for the plaintiff.

“Both videos had a dramatic impact on the insurance companies involved. We were directly told so by the defense counsel. As a result we were able to resolve the case at mediation,” said Attorney Mahoney.

“What Evidence Video does is helps you quantify those losses by showing the emotional, physical and psychological impact to the victim and their families,” Mahoney said. “Both the Documentary and Day in the Life Videos will greatly assist you in your case prior to trial.

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