settlement video

The Settlement Video is a scripted, narrated presentation of chronological, factual information which incorporates interviews of family members, co-workers and friends, as well as home video and photographs which depict the plaintiff/decedent prior to injury/death. The attorney has a unique opportunity to present the case in the most favorable light, giving the insurer reason to justify a large settlement. Evidence Video has assisted in achieving successful and expeditious results for our clients. The Settlement Video reinforces damages including non-economic damages of pain and suffering, loss of companionship, loss of society, loss of a normal life. It also highlights economic damages for: Loss of employment, need for special equipment, need for special services, and care-taking.

The Settlement Video is a highly effective method to promote settlement with an insurer because it personalizes the plaintiff/decedent and has a profound visual impact on the viewer. Additionally, the Settlement Video has practical advantages.

The pertinent information can be presented to the insurer and can be viewed at their own pace, affording them the opportunity to concentrate on those areas of most interest. This forces the insurer to consider the strengths of plaintiff’s claims and weaknesses of any defenses, thus giving him an incentive to justify a large settlement. After viewing a high quality Settlement Video, the insurer will recognize that the attorney has the knowledge, expertise, and financial ability to present the case to a jury and reach a successful conclusion.

Settlement videos are broken down into two types of videos: 

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

lpdLiving Plaintiff