$35 Million Settlement: Attorneys Robert A. Clifford, Kevin P. Durkin, and associate Tracy A. Brammeier, Clifford Law Offices, P.C.

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“Clifford Law has used Evidence Video for more than 20 years on several of our aviation crash cases. In cases where our clients survived major injuries like an explosion or trucking accident, it helps focus on the damages through depicting the loss of quality of life and its effects on the family. Evidence Video is able to do this in a professional way that helps families achieve the justice they deserve.”

A woman dragged for 60 feet after she was struck by a truck on a near west side sidewalk has settled her suit for $35 million dollars.

The plaintiff, now 24, was carrying groceries home when a semitrailer heading north on South Ashland Avenue made a tight right turn onto West Roosevelt Road. The truck struck her, dragging her for 60 feet until a nearby security guard came to her aid.

She suffered pelvic injuries, her right ankle was crushed and both her legs were degloved and both legs disfigured.

The settlement came seven days into a trial before a Cook County Circuit Court Judge and was settled directly by the insurance carriers.

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