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Many of Chicago’s most prominent attorneys and law firms have turned to Evidence Video to help assist them in settlement cases and reach victorious verdicts. Attorney Robert Clifford of Clifford Law Offices has turned to Evidence Video exclusively for over 20 years, hiring them to produce videos for his clients.

Most recently, after a month long trial and hours of jury deliberation in an East St. Louis federal court house, a $180 million verdict was entered in favor of three men. They were severely injured following an explosion at a ConAgra facility in Chester, Illinois on April 27, 2010. With the help of Evidence Video, Clifford helped secure a $41.5 million compensatory damages verdict for his client, John Jentz. Mr. Jentz suffered burns over 70 percent of his body. The jury also awarded an additional $34 million in punitive damages.

Evidence Video was on hand to film Jentz’s injuries and take photographs over the 24-month period following the explosion. They were also there to film and photograph the extent of injuries, along with wound care, therapies and rehabilitation. A press conference was held on June 4, 2012 discussing the verdict and award. During the press conference, a 90- second clip of a Progressive Video was played before members of the media. The video showed the extensive physical therapy in both the hospital and the outpatient facilities Jentz attended once he went home. It also showed the difficulties doing normal activities that were once done with little or no effort, prior to his injuries.

Progressive Video is just one of many video formats created by Evidence Video that has been proved to be successful in determining the outcome of a case.

With the John Jentz case, Attorney Clifford decided to begin filming immediately following the explosion. This decision played a key role in the case because it gave the jury and all other parties involved in the case a chance to see what Jentz experienced from the very beginning. Many attor-neys find that bringing in Evidence Video in the day following an acci-dent or extensive injury, will often work in their favor and in the favor of the client. The footage will have been captured, edited and ready to go, whenever needed.

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